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  1. Tree Climber

    Whoohoo, what an awesome strategy. I had an absolute blast creating this page with the goodies of the May 2017 Champions Strategy by Megan's Creations
  2. beautiful page. Love how you blended this all together.
  3. Love the artsy feel of this page and all those bold words to really get the feeling across.
  4. Broken Hearted

    Another page with journaling tips by Crystal and Tiffany. I used the pocket card, a difficult to read and tiny font. Kit - Feeling Blue by Kim B and Anita, Template - Crystal Livesay April 2017 Template
  5. Positive.jpg

    My page for the April 2017 Champions Strategy. I journalled small as this is about me and my insecurities. Kit - Courtney's Designs Energy
  6. Great story and the page shows it perfectly. They're bot beautiful and unique.
  7. Congrats on the winning page. Well deserves. That extraction is awesome.
  8. I think I found my happy place too. Great page. Love that the background matches the poster.
  9. Too stinking cute. The leading lines are great and I'm so intrigued to know what those 2 wee folk are talking about.
  10. Love the flow as she grew. Stunning page.
  11. When I first saw this page, I thought it was one of Janaina's. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Everything on it is just perfect.
  12. Oh isn't red, black and white always a winner. Love the circle mat with the traditional photos.
  13. Beautiful and I love how all the color in the photos blend together and all that texture. Super, super page!
  14. I love how everyone is just rocking this paper. Great page.
  15. Love the diagonal journaling and the stitches creating a text box/ Your layers are superb.