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  1. You chose the perfect background page to create that feel of motion. Great job.
  2. This is so cute. Great job.
  3. Gorgeous page. She looks like a goddess. Very dreamy.
  4. Awesome, awesome awesome. Love everything about this.
  5. Just lovely. Great color grading.
  6. Love all the flowers along the "garden path" Great page.
  7. Great JOB!!!! You nailed those shadows and adjustment layers.
  8. Fourth-Test-Resized.jpg

    Another page I did with this strategy and although it was a favorite all round, I couldn't manage an hour class around it.
  9. Second-Test-Resized.jpg

    My original class page
  10. Great job Amie. He looks mean. Brilliant cast shadows.
  11. Awesome and the use of the gear to finish that circle is just perfect!!!
  12. Love how seamlessly this has been done. Great take on the challenge.
  13. This is awesome. This looks so simple by I see something else every time I look at it.
  14. Oh this is fun and grungy and absolutely SUPER!!!!
  15. Love your take on the challenge. Great job on the title.