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  1. Today is one of those days. I follow a facebook group of photographers and one of the street photographers posted the most poignant photo of a homeless man feeding the pigeons. I'm a basket case, I want to give that man clothes and food and and and.
  2. Aaaaaah and the penny finally drops. I never knew why there was a Black Friday, Now I understand that it's for those people that are well prepared to buy big ticket(or not so big) items at a great price for Christmas. It has now started in South Africa as well, but it's just a sales gimmick here and there are no GREAT deals. I, as a consumer want to see 40% or more off on an item before I deem it a good deal. I do shop online on Cyber Monday.
  3. Gorgeous page. She looks like a goddess. Very dreamy.
  4. Awesome, awesome awesome. Love everything about this.
  5. Just lovely. Great color grading.
  6. Love all the flowers along the "garden path" Great page.
  7. Great JOB!!!! You nailed those shadows and adjustment layers.
  8. I'm an optimist and when life really gets sucky and everything happens at once I have this motto "Take a number, take a seat, I'll get back to you soon" BUT if you want me to have a crying jag it's when someone does something super kind for me. I turn into a blubbering idiot and people think I'm depressed.
  9. On a short flight I tend to people watch. On anything up to 2 hours I will read and any overseas travel I sleep. Our overseas flights invariably take off late afternoon or early evening, so sleep is a must after all the rushing and sitting around the airport lounge for hours. I don't like the fact that I get swollen legs and feet, so I wear a pair of yoga pants and cheap trainers that are at least one size too big on longs flights. It's quite hilarious before take off when I keep having to make sure my pants don't drop to my knees and I walk like a clown in big shoes, but I reach the other side feeling a lot more comfortable. I don't use the bathroom facilities on a plane so I get very dehydrated and can consume a bucket of water when I reach my destination.
  10. I definitely miss out on all the traditions Americans have. We don't really do pie in South Africa. My favorite here is lemon meringue and I would give the baby toe on my left foot to taste Key Lime Pie. I'm definitely more a tart and savory type of person, so meat pies (which are very popular here) is very high on my list. Nothing better that a pepper steak pie with gravy and chips.
  11. Fourth-Test-Resized.jpg

    Another page I did with this strategy and although it was a favorite all round, I couldn't manage an hour class around it.
  12. Second-Test-Resized.jpg

    My original class page
  13. Great job Amie. He looks mean. Brilliant cast shadows.
  14. We bring out our Advent Wreath 4 Sundays before Christmas and The Advent Calendar on the 1st December, Each weak we add a few traditional things and do the tree on the 16th December. We use face trees.
  15. Oh I love that term. You don't have to shovel sunshine!!! Made my day. Thanks Courtney.