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  1. Oh, Cassie, I love this! The photo treatment on the large photo is fabulous. I love the photo and journaling about your great-grandmother. She must have been an amazing woman.
  2. The cooler temps are always welcome after a long, hot summer!
  3. Thanks. I had a lot of fun with this Champions lesson.
  4. I don't pay for phones but I usually stay one release behind. I just got a new iPhone 7+ but now I guess I'm one release behind again, lol.
  5. So many wonderful ideas! I love challenges too. Some of my favorites are mood board, tic tac toe, and art journal. I can hardly wait to see what y'all come up with.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Fabulous job blending these photos together. I love the out of bounds photo too.
  8. What a wonderful layout and how clever of you to get these photos that are just perfect together.
  9. Fabulous photos! Your clusters are fabulous.
  10. I love your photos of your sweet fur baby. She doesn't look scary at all. Your photos tell the story so well. Your cluster & title work are wonderful too.
  11. Wow. this is fabulous! The starburst background paper really adds to the frenzied fun. I like the text on a path and your title work is great too.
  12. Adorable! I like the angled individual and grouped photos and the close crops.
  13. Lovely design. I love the textures created by the paint splats & layered papers. The photos are perfect too.
  14. Wow, this is fabulous! I love the horizontal photos with the vertical design. The layering of your clusters and title work is amazing.
  15. Your layout is lovely and oh what a view!