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  1. It depends, with my husband (ever the optimist) I tend to be a pessimist, or as I like to call it, the voice of reality!
  2. I don't like crowds so I've never done Black Friday. I do shop online but I've been trying to pay cash for Christmas the last couple of years so that requires going to stores. If I don't get started soon though I'll be fighting crowds or buying everyone gift cards at Sam's or the grocery store. Eek!
  3. Very easy! You cook the bacon in the oven while putting everything else together in your blender or food processor. Put 1/2 a piece of bacon (or more if you like) in each jar then pour the egg mixture over it. Put all the jar in the sous vide bath to cook for 1 hour.
  4. I'm a pecan pie girl. My mother in law used to make sweet potato pie and german chocolate pie which were both delicious. As a matter of fact, I never liked coconut until I tried her german chocolate pie. Yummy!
  5. Thanks for sharing this with us, Renee. I love hearing about "everyday life" in other parts of the world.
  6. Pumpkin seeds maybe but otherwise, nope.
  7. I love our winters which are definitely not as cold as yours. I have the same thoughts as you as far as adding more layers when it's cold but I do not actually have to get out in it much. I do not like driving when the roads are frozen and I usually have the option not to. We usually have a few cold days then a few warmer which is nice.
  8. They're about the size of small muffins (2 to an order) with eggs, bacon, gruyere cheese. A very yummy alternative to fast food breakfast sandwiches.
  9. I love Starbuck's Sous Vide Bacon and Gruyere Egg Bites. I love them so much I bought a Sous Vide cooker and found some recipe hacks online so I could make my own. Today I tried the recipe and they turned out great. I'm so excited. Anybody else love Egg Bites?
  10. challenge

    ggordon, you can find directions here.
  11. challenge

    Cool idea for a challenge!
  12. What a great idea, Danica! I have a folder on my computer with scrap lift ideas but hadn't thought about making a Pinterest board. D'uh! I've selected several from your board & just have to narrow it down for the challenge. Thanks!
  13. Oh, I'm loving reading all of these! Danica - I am so surprised you are allergic to cats & you're such a cat lover, Ironic, right? Katherine - I'm terrified of heights too. And driving over bridges. I used to teach driver's ed and one of the lessons include driving over the harbor bridge. With student drivers. Eek! I'm especially afraid if it's only one or two lanes wide on my side. I don't want to be in the outside lane or inside lane close to oncoming traffic. Cassie - Yep, I've been saying it wrong too but now I'll think KC when I see it. My name is Yobeth which people are always confused by. If I capitalize the B-no problem! When I place to go orders I use my alias "Elizabeth". No one has a problem understanding that. I used to have an employee that called me MaryJoBethAnn because I had customers that call me Mary Jo, JoBeth, & Beth Ann and I would answer to any of them. LOL So, technically, I've already revealed several things about me but I guess one weird thing I can share is.... Once, when I was about 15 years old, we were getting ready to go to AstroWorld & I was curling my eyelashes. With the lash curler clamped down, someone walked in my room, as I turned my head to see who it was I pulled out all the eyelashes on my right eye. I looked very strange! I tried to keep my sunglasses on while riding the rides and it took about 4 or 5 weeks for them to grow back.
  14. My son lives in a city on the US side of the border with Mexico. When I visit him that's close enough to Mexico for me. I've only been to a border town in Mexico (many, many years ago) so no help here. Sorry! I'll love to hear about it when you get back though.
  15. I guess 34 years together is enough to make us an old married couple, lol. It seems like we've been together forever yet not long at all!