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  1. challenge

    ggordon, you can find directions here.
  2. challenge

    Cool idea for a challenge!
  3. What a great idea, Danica! I have a folder on my computer with scrap lift ideas but hadn't thought about making a Pinterest board. D'uh! I've selected several from your board & just have to narrow it down for the challenge. Thanks!
  4. I love the colors for this month's challenge. Here is my layout. http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/3888-escape700jpg/?imageSize=large
  5. What a fun challenge. Here is the inspiration poster. Here is my take on it. http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/3758-miller-layne-apr2017-challenge-1000jpg/
  6. Wow! I've been looking through the gallery and you ladies are rockin' the layouts.
  7. Hi Your steps are correct to save & post in the gallery. When elements look like they're "floating" it's usually because of deep shadows, though, flattening the image wouldn't change that. I looked at your layout in the gallery. If you're talking about the clip, word strip and letter tiles editing the shadows will fix that. Let me know if you need help with that.
  8. I love this month's challenge. Here's mine...
  9. Thanks for the challenge. I love it. Although red is my favorite "pop" color, I've used blue on my layout of my grandson. http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3420-happy3birthday-nov-2016-challenge/