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  1. I can't believe it I have 26 pages done. LOLOLO I know I can't get all 150 pages done by the end of the challenge but if I can get half way through I will think I have died and gone to Heaven and I won't have the July/August panic attack
  2. I am going to finish at least 1/2 of my Book of Remembrance project
  3. Every year I do 150 pages ( a book of remembrance ) of all the events that have happened that year plus some of my family when the kids were small and some of their ancestors. I have done this for years but the problem is usually in July I start to panic and end up locking myself in my office for weeks at a time trying to get caught up. It would be nice to get a little over 10 pages done each month so I don't have a panic attack in July.
  4. He is a cutie and I know when you try something for the first time how hard it is but I think you did a terrific job and I agree his face is priceless
  5. Love the fireworks and the little girl is adorable. This is very nice work
  6. You have blended the photo beautifully into the background I love the birds and the light house very VERY nice
  7. Honeymoon

    I blended about 3 backgrounds together plus some designs then I masked the background out of the photo. I used a brush to add back in some of the background and added a frame. I wasn't sure I could pull this off. I knew in my mind what I wanted but I don't think I quite got it right even now but I guess it is a starting point.
  8. Beautiful job of blending. The deep blended into the background is perfection itself. I love the way you can see some of the background coming through the image of the deer. That is fantastic blending of the photo to the texture.
  9. Oh I love this great blending, textures and layer masks. You did a great job. Obviously you really learned from this lesson
  10. I really like the way you brought in the orange it does pick up the orange from the sleeve. This is a very nice LO and your gradient is perfection!!
  11. WOW I am impresses!! This looks like something you could buy from an art gallery. I love the textures and the depth of color you got in this LO.
  12. this is so pretty I like the background you chose it really makes her face pop
  13. You Are My Sunshine

    This Lo was a bit harder I liked the look of my grandson but the background was AWFUL so I tried the same little trick of using a layers mask over a bokeh background and blended the photo into the background. Then the gradient. I am lucky that I only have 10 grandchildren so 2 down and 8 to go LOL
  14. Fragile Handle with care

    This lesson was so much fun I got carried away. Spent the morning searching for photos. I couldn't find any that I thought would work like I wanted so I picked one I liked found a bokeh background I liked then used a layers mask to slightly blend them together. Then the rest was a piece of cake. That made it so much easier than trying to find the photo with the perfect background. I could slide the bokeh background around till I found the perfect spot to use the layers mask on
  15. that is so cool I would have never thought of doing something like that until this class. your LO is lovely and I am so impressed. I also love the way you hooked your photos to each other