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  1. Speaking of big ticket items, one yer when we were on vacation in Las Vegas over Black Friday, hubby and I bought a washer and dryer. The sales people thought we were very strange wanting it delivered to Michigan. It was an awesome deal.
  2. I am a pharmacist and used to work at a 24 hour store, so I know all about working on thanksgiving. Now they ask for volunteers. If they don't get enough shifts covered, they draw names for people to work. I have gotten lucky and have not had to work the past two years.
  3. Do you participate in these shopping events? Are you one of those people that plans out where you are going the night before and are up at dawn or before in line at the store? Are you looking forward to buying something in particular? I used to go out and shop, but not anymore. I usually check out the online sales because I don't really want to deal with parking or people. In past years this is when I would stock up on sd cards for my DsLR since they are usually dirt cheap. This year I haven't really been using my camera as much, just my phone for photos, so I don't need any right now. Sometimes we will buy some dvds if they are movies or shows we like and can get for cheap. what are your shopping plans.
  4. This looks fun. I always take pictures of our food when we travel or eat someplace nice or unusual
  5. The last time we did a road trip, Colorado to California, we experienced fires, floods, and a broken windshield. I would rather fly, lol.
  6. wait, what?
  7. Nope not me at all. And I was about nineteen at the time too. Didn't have to shovel it when I lived at home, but was perfectly fine with out it.
  8. When you are flying, what do you do to pass the time? Do you read, listen to music, sleep, surf the net, watch the inflight movie? i am lucky and our credit card gives us ten gogo wifi passes a year. We never even come close to using all of them. I usually catch up on email. If the movie is good, or something I have been wanting to watch, I will do that too. I get really antsy on board for some reason. Maybe because I want to get to where I am going. I actually don't mind flying. what about you? What do you do to pass the time traveling?
  9. There's one in every bunch, lol
  10. No pumpkin pie for me. Hubby usually bakes a pecan one. I have seen a recipe for a chocolate pecan pie that we have been meaning to try but haven’t yet
  11. Hubby makes a great pecan pie!!
  12. I would imagine they would have been. Yikes.
  13. Same here
  14. So I am currently on my cruise and the lunch special was pumpkin gnocchi. So since technically I wasn’t paying for it, I thought I could try it. Well guess what? The waiter came back and said that’s the special for tomorrow!! I was saved from my moment of insanity...
  15. That glass is half empty, lol