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  1. I love that this looks like a newsletter. Awesome clean graphic design
  2. This is gorgeous! Your shadowing is spot on! Perfect!
  3. The changing leaves. Cooler weather meaning a lower electric bill (air conditioner being run less). Autumn scrapbook kits that match my kitty Tigger's coat, lol
  4. Well I have a 6, and I usually by them every few years, so probably. I do everything on my phone. I barely have dragged out my DSLR in like a year. I also play pokemon go, do Facebook and Instagram. I would definitely get my moneys worth.
  5. I watch TV alot. In the fall, I always map out the entire tv season so I know what to dvr. I got into Game of Thrones big time, and am hoping to read the books soon. I started watching Quantico again because I finally caught up on all my DVR'd shows. I really hate when they end the season on a cliff hanger. I watch Chicago Fire (well all the Chicago dramas) and I am really torn about how it ended.
  6. Hubby and I were hooked on life after people! Like we would dvr it and everything. ANd when we drive past a not so well kept home/landscaping, one of us usually says and on life after people.....
  7. <<<I am allergic to cats
  8. Hello Handsome

    Amber Shaw Old Soul Aprilisa designs He's All That - Alpha Boheme Dream Kit by Amber Shaw, Studio Basic and Studio Flergs Boho Fall by Amanda Yi & Studio Flergs Etc by Danyale Climbing Trees and falling Leaves Etc by Danyale Quilted Mosiac On a Whimsical Adventure Hippie Spirit On a Whimsical Adventure The scent of fall River Rose Everything Changes River Rose Humble and kind kit River Rose Sassy cat Lynn Grieveson Fasten It 1. Flowers 2. Feathers 3. Leaves 4. Charms 5. Acorns 6. Staples 7. Buttons 8. Strings 9. Paints 10. Hearts
  9. a good idea

    Little Butterfly Wings Elements {add on} M3 April '17 Little Butterfly Wings Paint {add on} M3 April '17 Lynne-Marie Artsy Bits 11 *M3 Lynne-Marie Journey - Mixed Bag *M3 Mixed Media Monthly - Apr. `17 - Journey / Adventurous / Crossroads
  10. This sounds awesome! Can't wait!
  11. What an awesome challenge! I may have to give it a try too!
  12. weaselwatchr-finalentry.jpg

    8 layouts linked below: Minimalist link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4315-meow/ Geometrist link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4601-content/ Traditionalist link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4863-puppy-love/ Eclectic link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/5166-hello-handsome/ Free Spirit link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4274-king/ Day Dreamer link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4616-a-pirates-life-for-me/ Shape Shifter link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4891-castille/ Abstractionist link: http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/5111-a-good-idea/
  13. This is fabulous! I love how your brushwork mimics water. It is perfect!
  14. Outstanding!
  15. castille

    Jen Maddocks AcademicJen Maddocks Artful Marks no. 4Jen Maddocks Rise {Transfers}
  16. Puppy Love

    #Moments: Happy by Amber ShawBe Fierce by Amber ShawTimeless Alpha Etc by Danyale It's a zoo alpha Pink Reptile Designs Mouse Tails Amber ShawWonderland Adventures Amber ShawAll Stitched Up Susie Roberts
  17. This is fabulous! It totally made me smile.
  18. 18

    Such a pretty layout! Love that tag tucked in between your photos for your journaling!
  19. meow

    Pink Reptile Designs | A Slice of Lemon Papers Pink Reptile Designs | A Slice of Lemon Elements Red Ivy Designs A New Year Susie Roberts All Stitched Up
  20. Tammy this is wonderful! I love the dark paper combined with your black and white photos.
  21. Julie this is so pretty!!
  22. You did a great job! It looks like it is a paper layout!
  23. content

    Feeling content Anita Designs and Kim B Designs Sprout Kim B Designs All Stitched Up Susie Roberts
  24. A pirate's life for me

    GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost At Sea Jb Studios Yohoho