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  1. Thanks Kathy! I can't believe you have trouble with templates. I often think of them as a springboard for something else. I love templates!!! I often combine multiples to one page. I am sure you will do awesome!
  2. Hi everyone!! How is everyone’s new year going? I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since we rang in the new year! I have been digital scrapping now for almost five years! Five years! My style has definitely evolved. Most of my layouts now have lots of flower clusters. I remember there was a time I didn’t even know how to make a cluster. Something I still struggle with are clean and simple layouts. Heck sometimes those take me longer than a super clustery layout. They never seem like they are finished. Is there enough embellishing? I am getting better with them. It doesn’t take me as long anymore but I still am not comfortable. So for this challenge I want you to scrap a layout that is out of your comfort zone. If you only scrap art journal layouts, try a traditional looking page. If you always scrap minimal, try to fill your page to the rim. I think you get the idea. Get out of your comfort zone. IMPORTANT Besides making a layout, you have to tell me how this style of scrapping is different from your usual scrap style in this thread with your layout. Here is my layout using a clean and simple design: Please upload your layout into the Challenge Gallery and post a link to it here in this thready by January 15. You can find directions for uploading layouts to the gallery here and how to link the layout to this post here. And now for the prizes (all prize winners chosen randomly): • (1) $30.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice • (1) $20.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice • (1) $10.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice You can only win one prize per challenge each month. **Please note** There are two challenges per month and you can now save your discount coupons and combine them to be used at a later date for a class or live event.
  3. That sounds awesome! Maybe one day you will learn to love those layouts. I used to hate clustering, couldn't do it at all, but now I find them easy. They say practice practice practice!!
  4. I think a lot of people feel the same way. It does make for a very clean looking page though.
  5. I can't wait to see you layout Deanna!!! I know it will be awesome!
  6. a good idea

    Little Butterfly Wings Elements {add on} M3 April '17 Little Butterfly Wings Paint {add on} M3 April '17 Lynne-Marie Artsy Bits 11 *M3 Lynne-Marie Journey - Mixed Bag *M3 Mixed Media Monthly - Apr. `17 - Journey / Adventurous / Crossroads
  7. Hello Handsome

    Amber Shaw Old Soul Aprilisa designs He's All That - Alpha Boheme Dream Kit by Amber Shaw, Studio Basic and Studio Flergs Boho Fall by Amanda Yi & Studio Flergs Etc by Danyale Climbing Trees and falling Leaves Etc by Danyale Quilted Mosiac On a Whimsical Adventure Hippie Spirit On a Whimsical Adventure The scent of fall River Rose Everything Changes River Rose Humble and kind kit River Rose Sassy cat Lynn Grieveson Fasten It 1. Flowers 2. Feathers 3. Leaves 4. Charms 5. Acorns 6. Staples 7. Buttons 8. Strings 9. Paints 10. Hearts
  8. This looks fun. I always take pictures of our food when we travel or eat someplace nice or unusual
  9. This is fabulous!!! Love that cut out star!!! Now I have to find that template too!!
  10. Love the photo blended into the background and all the border elements! Well done
  11. Love the little scene you created here and how it transitions into your photo!
  12. Deanna your clusters are spectacular!!! Your shadows are spot on making your layout really stand out!
  13. This is awesome Tammy!!! I love all the grungy goodness. Such a great photo less layout.
  14. castille

    Jen Maddocks AcademicJen Maddocks Artful Marks no. 4Jen Maddocks Rise {Transfers}
  15. I remember oooooing and ahhhing over this on Facebook. Love it!
  16. Love the monocle. What a fantastic touch. Gorgeous layout
  17. Absolutely stunning page Rae!! Love the blending into the photo, and the page is just gorgeous overall
  18. I agree with everyone else. This looks like a totally fun challenge!!! Love your page too!!
  19. Puppy Love

    #Moments: Happy by Amber ShawBe Fierce by Amber ShawTimeless Alpha Etc by Danyale It's a zoo alpha Pink Reptile Designs Mouse Tails Amber ShawWonderland Adventures Amber ShawAll Stitched Up Susie Roberts
  20. This is so different than your usual style. Love how it turned out!
  21. What a great take on the theme. Love how you incorporated the gears into your cluster work.
  22. Love the car blended into the layout. The texture on this piece is phenomenal!
  23. Cassie, this is a wow!!! Like you stated, so much different from your usual style, but this is gorgeous!!! You never disappoint!
  24. Love the cascade of leaves and the trio of squares in the background layer. The leaf photo masks are fun too!
  25. This is so much fun. At first I thought you were very determined to take this photo. I thought someone was in a hole somewhere, lol. Thank goodness for your journaling. Awesome perspective and perfect kit choice.