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  1. My layout with "Template 21" from Lau (her website is unfortunatly no longer existing) The original template My interpretation Kit "Lucky Me" from River Rose Designs Photo Pixabay
  2. Lucky

    Made for July 2017 challenge Template : "Template 21" from Lau (website no more existing) Kit : "Lucky Me" from RiverRoseDesign@sweetshoppedesigns
  3. I finally was able to find inspiration again ^^. This is my first page here, my first participation ^^ As I'm french, the text (for my late mother birthday) is in french., the traduction is with in the gallery.
  4. HER

    May 2017 Challenge I wrote this text for my late mother's birthday. She.... She taught me everything I know, all that I am, good and bad. She gave me extremely poor eating habits. She gave me the taste and the desire to learn. She did not learn how to take care of me. She gave me a mind capable of analyzing and questioning everything. She did not tell me I was worth more than I thought. She gave me the strength to endure everything and to always be able to rise. She was my family, my mother, my father, my sister, my best friend. She was my strength and my anchor. She was the worst and most adorable crazy woman. She was drunk with half a glass of rosé or with a cup of Grand Marnier home made ice-cream. She was secretly in love with Laurent Voulzy. She could listen to Pink Floyd, Boney M, Abba, Bill Haley but also Muse and Cold Play. She loved to dance the boogie and sing terrible on her favorite songs. She was blaming me for being too much on my computer but could make me wait an hour while she was doing "one last" part of mah-jong or Tetris. She could only learn me what she had learned herself. She gave me more than she have ever had ... I did not know it was our last time. I only gave her a simple birthday because she was sick and I wanted to spare her. She told me she was better, she told me that it was regressing ... If I had known that it was his last, I would have made such an event, such an explosion ... She would be 67 years old today ... It will soon be 7 years since she left ... Some days I forget. They are normal, just like a normal day when she would still be at home without I have made contact with her yet .... And some day I remember. That I can no longer hold her in my arms, nor tell her how much I love her or miss her. Her name was Marie, she was my mother. Happy Birthday Mom. Kit "Almost Spring" from Lindsay Jane