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  1. Not sure, I picked the big file Frost instead of the small on which I thought was the right size for upload and after that it just kept saying max size to upload.
  2. Got September done But can't upload the image
  3. Wow such inspiring pages. I completed August of 2014 PL and started on Sept, really nice to be getting some where with this.
  4. Last week I got a few pages done, this week nothing so far. I am finding trying the master scrap challenge thing has cause me to do less.
  5. Hi. This challenge is good for ,e instead of reading Facebook I made the cover page for my album and 4 PL pages for July of 2014.
  6. If it's not to late I would love to join in. The last time I finished my album it was great motivation. I want to be done with 2014
  7. Wow this went so fast. My photo book is in production. We went away for a long weekend over here and I scraped on my phone in while hubby drove
  8. So moved on to trying to get the first few months of 2017 done, in the last week I have finished off 2 weeks in feb. the other is waiting on me to choose photos from hubbies and daughters birthday party. I am really loving having this challenge as a motivation.
  9. Done! I finished the first part of 2014 and sent it off to print and also finished my DD thank you for the inspiration to work on this. now to keep going with the rest of 2014
  10. This project group is great, I have almost finished my challenge selection and I have managed to finish off my December Daily, it really helps when I sit down instead of just watching something or reading about it I am actually doing things. Love seeing what everyone else is doing to.
  11. Really loving your pages, wish I had kept better notes about when my kids did stuff for the first time.
  12. managed 4 more pages and narrowed down the photos for June, and put all the done pages into the photobook layouts
  13. WOW Chelle those are wonderful. Did you make those templates your self or are they from somewhere?
  14. I filled in all the missing journaling on the previous pages and choose the photos for May did at least 4 more pages, just need to choose the photos from June and finished of may and June the part 1 will be done
  15. Hi, I am new here but want to finish the first part of my 2014 Annual Photobook and send it off to get printed. (would also like to finish my DD stuck on choosing photos for Christmas Eve and Day as there are way to many to choose from) Wendy