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  1. Cla2e.jpg

    Wow this class was just awesome. I dusted of my tablet and had to reinstall all the drivers. All I can say that it was so worth it!! Will definitely use these techniques a lot more.
  2. Munster.jpg

    I really loved how the messy line technique taught by Vicky took this austere title and really made it more playful. Have used the liquify filter before but never thought of using it in this way. Awesome!!
  3. Mon2e.jpg

    My take on the AnnaAspnes class. Loved what it did to the photo of my daughter!!
  4. cartoonye.jpg

    Quite a challenge. I think I did not have the right photo. Will try it again sometime with another photo.
  5. Just beautiful! This goes straight into my favorites folder!
  6. This page is amazing!!
  7. Wow. I really enjoyed your page. You might not use it as a printed page, but it will definitely be scraplifted into mine.....
  8. Journalling is definitely my least favorite pastime, so I decided to do journal about my passion. I also used the Jana Oliveira Live Artistry guidelines to design the page .
  9. JOe2.jpg

    I used Jana's[live artistry April 2017] techniques to create this page. Really learned a lot. Journaling is not my favorite part of scrapbooking and does not come naturally . I would rather that the photos tell their own story.... but a challenge is a challenge,,.....
  10. Wondermente.jpg

    Fun class to do. Learned a lot!
  11. Love your page. The more you look at it the more you see!!
  12. Your page is really striking. Perfect for the technique!!
  13. Prisma.jpg

    I found this technique quite difficult to apply to something that was not building or architecture related. The gradient that I chose was quite different to the original in the class. I loved the result though.
  14. Super awesome page.
  15. So chuffed!! I really enjoy these challenges and then to be rewarded for them is just the icing on the cake.