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  1. Really love what you did here. Thanks for the before and after. It gives an idea of all the work you did to the scene.
  2. Fantasye.jpg

    This is about as far a way from my comfort zone as can be. Did have fun trying a complete different scene. The extraction is my favourite photo of my hubby cycling the Karoo2Coast this year. Really happy with the result, but it will not go in my photoalbum folder, but rather in my art folder that is ultimately going on a faceblock wall that I am planning in my house. Thanks Rene! I used the Holliewood_LilFantasy kit supplied
  3. The 10th instalment of the heritage album
  4. Page 9 of the heritage album
  5. I posted my favourites page in the galery, but I think I got sidetracked and did not post it her. So here goes.
  6. The 8th page of the heritage album
  7. The seventh page for the heritage album. I made the title using the open door letter technique of Nbk.
  8. I really have set myself a hard target. Hope to still finish at least half of what I set out to do. I am about 4 behind.
  9. Love the page!!
  10. My first page of my sister's birthday album. I made her a slideshow which they showed her on the day of her party. It was a complete surprise. I loved how they captured her emotions.
  11. The 6th heritage page
  12. It is so frustrating to wait for others while you r rearing to go
  13. Page 5 of the heritage album
  14. Page 4 of the heritage album.
  15. Page 3 of the Heritage album. Done nothing for the wedding album yet but have managed two pages for the 50th birthday album which I will post when time allows.