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  1. The clustering caught my attention. I can't stop staring at it. It's really pretty
  2. I really how the BW photos are being used with the wood paper. Great composition.
  3. The Wee's

    Yesterdays Etc by Danyale Off the Wall page frames by Lynne Marie
  4. Getting my hands messy with paints!! I blast the music and just paint.
  5. Sigh!! Everything syncs from my IPhone -> my MacBook (getting old) -> IPad Pro. My laptop is due for a new one (stress) and Apple's price is really getting ridiculous. But I love Macbook laptop vs a windows , I'm an artist I use Photoshop to edit my paintings. Colours are important to me and Mac is the best for that. Arghh!!
  6. This so pretty and well blende on the paper.
  7. My jaw dropped!
  8. Oh my!! She is such a cutie. Love the softness of the page.
  9. Great extraction.!! The background totallly rock.
  10. Aw!! This page melts my heart.
  11. You rock my friend! Good luck.
  12. This is so awesome!
  13. Omg!! Super cute.Love the idea of using BW photos! Great composition.
  14. For a minimalist , I'm glad you did this. It's cool to see the other side of you.