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  1. Another amazing page!! You sure are talented in many scrapping styles!
  2. I love your page! I love the huge photo, the papers you used, the color combo, the gold...
  3. luan37-finalentry.jpg

    8 layouts linked below: Minimalist link: Geometrist link: Traditionalist link: Eclectic link: Free Spirit link: Day Dreamer link: Shape Shifter link: Abstractionist link:
  4. Magical

    © Ramshackle photography

  5. Excited

    © Ramshackle photography

  6. Grand Canyon

    This challenge was the hardest so far. Blending the images together wasn't too difficult but making them work into a layout was hard for me. I felt the need to add more elements... having to redo the layout several times! haha I blended together 4 photos and added one more untouched.
  7. I love your title work! And the theme of your photos! So fun!
  8. Wow thank you Trace! You made my day! I spent a while tweaking them for this challenge knowing how important they are.
  9. Haha I know! It's just how I felt in the moment, or I like to think he thought that.
  10. Give me away

    © Michelle Morales Photography

  11. beautifully done! as always
  12. This is very pretty! I love the serenity in the landscape and the hues of blue and green in the papers matching your dress.
  13. haha I love this! So cute!
  14. well that's your style so of course you rocked it! why change something that works?!