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  1. Grand Canyon

    This challenge was the hardest so far. Blending the images together wasn't too difficult but making them work into a layout was hard for me. I felt the need to add more elements... having to redo the layout several times! haha I blended together 4 photos and added one more untouched.
  2. Waiting for sister

    shapes: pentagons (background), rectangles (bottom paper, frame, ribbons), triangles (top papers), parallelogram (chevrons) font: kiss me or not

    © Ramshackle photography

  3. Magical

    © Ramshackle photography

  4. Another amazing page!! You sure are talented in many scrapping styles!
  5. I love your page! I love the huge photo, the papers you used, the color combo, the gold...
  6. Excited

    © Ramshackle photography

  7. luan37-finalentry.jpg

    8 layouts linked below: Minimalist link: Geometrist link: Traditionalist link: Eclectic link: Free Spirit link: Day Dreamer link: Shape Shifter link: Abstractionist link:
  8. Give me away

    © Michelle Morales Photography

  9. I love your title work! And the theme of your photos! So fun!
  10. Wow thank you Trace! You made my day! I spent a while tweaking them for this challenge knowing how important they are.
  11. Haha I know! It's just how I felt in the moment, or I like to think he thought that.
  12. beautifully done! as always
  13. This is very pretty! I love the serenity in the landscape and the hues of blue and green in the papers matching your dress.
  14. little red

    Various photos from (for personal and commercial use, no attribution required): adult-casual-dress-fall-371639, stars-night-galaxy-milky-way-8945, light-red-sun-forest-34001, agriculture-barn-cabin-chapel-463734, axe-on-tree-trunk-203553, nature-red-forest-fog-33350, full-moon-during-night-time-53153, wolf-howling-in-the-forest-163189
  15. haha I love this! So cute!
  16. well that's your style so of course you rocked it! why change something that works?!
  17. Lynnette when I saw this challenge I was wondering where you were in all this madness! so happy to see you here! such a fun one! I love all your shapes! They definitely don't look like they've been added just for the challenge. You nailed it!
  18. Nicely done! I love that you used crosses as a shape
  19. beautiful turtle!
  20. I love this! It looks very fresh. I love the purples and blues together.
  21. This layout is lovely. I love your use of the shapes.
  22. This is really fun! I love that cute sleeping baby in this fantasy scene.
  23. I love what you did here. This style is new to me but I'm digging it!
  24. © Michelle Morales photography