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  1. I'm so glad that this gallery has been added.
  2. Love the background paper with the bubbles popping all around the page. Your use of the circles is very good.
  3. Your page is just adorable. I love the poster art feel of it.
  4. I finished France...I am working through the countries in Epcot. I started with the countries with the least amount of photos. So far, France, Mexico and Canada are done...I used Amber Shaw/Studio Flergs BIM Worlds France. I had fun tucking the mouse from ratatouille in all the pages.
  5. Such a pretty page, I love how you alternated the patterned paper in your shapes.
  6. I like how you used the triangles on your page, the black and striped paper go great against the grey background and the colors in your photo.
  7. What a great page. I really like the torn map behind the photo.
  8. Such a pretty page. I love the b&w photo with the colorful flowers and paper.
  9. what a page, truly this is wonderful. You captured the emotions that I know many moms feel. Thank you for being brave to share this.
  10. I love how you journaled in the trail of the butterfly as it swirls around the page.
  11. Great page for this challenge. I couldn't agree more with your sentiment. Giving yourself the feeling to just create is sometimes so hard to do.
  12. I just love your page. The flower elements as a crown on your photo is just awesome. I like that the colors really stand out against the rest of the page.
  13. Such a beautiful page. I love the wooden and yellow paper down the sides of the photo. You've made it look like you're looking out a window.
  14. Simply beautiful. I love how you angled the text around the photo.