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  1. Dani, this is adorable.
  2. LOL...I couldn't resist.
  3. This is so clever and absolutely adorable.
  4. I love this! What an excellent way to use the shapes.
  5. Vincent Van Goose

    Goose extraction from a photo found at Pixabay. Painted rose image from Pixabay, effect enhanced with Topaz. Kit used "Summer Patterns" by Prelestnaya P Designs
  6. Love the happy baby photos, the gorgeous cluster and the wonderful touch of glitter.
  7. Very creative idea. Love Roxy!
  8. Sweet image. It would make a great Christmast card.
  9. Love your choice of subject matter and that castle background is beautiful.
  10. Very creative, love the turtle and the colors you chose too!
  11. Fab photos and wonderful balance. Great job Liz.
  12. Love this!
  13. This is just fabulous!
  14. So creative, love the sparkly sky too.
  15. Love this, the layout and the concept. So cute.