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  1. Wonderful LO!
  2. Love the blending with the puppy, so cute!!
  3. So, so pretty! And such a cute photo!
  4. So perfect!
  5. Love the simplicity of your page!! Great design!!
  6. Wonderful LO! Great capture of emotions!
  7. Wow, this page is impressive!
  8. Mud

    Wat goed gedaan! This is gorgeous!
  9. This is so beautiful! From the photos to your layers and page design!
  10. Love the simplicity of your page!!
  11. I love this page! It's SO pretty!!
  12. Wonderful LO and photo!
  13. What a fantastic layout! Love the blending!
  14. Stop-the-presses

    Extra! Extra! by Studio Basic and Courtney's Designs.