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  1. The colors you picked are perfect, everything feels so calm
  2. Minimalist-Tournament.jpg

    Credit: Mighty Bundle by Bella Gypsy Font: Jenna Sue
  3. This is so sweet!! I love the photo!
  4. Thank you, I was trying to say a lot with a little. My grandpa is the man in the photo and he has dementia (just moved into a nursing home). I've been sorting through a lot of feelings about it and this was a great medium! Thank you, everyone, for your kind words!
  5. Free-Spirit-Tournament.jpg

    Credits: Pia by Rebecca McMeen, Paper from "It's my Life" by Little Butterfly Wings, Bad Sewing Machine border by Traci Reed, stitched alpha by Erica Zane.
  6. This is so cute!! I love the postcard
  7. I love your photo!