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  1. The Giza Plateau

    Fonts: KG Piece by Piece (Journaling), Sophia (title) Made with History Tour by Seatrout Scraps Journaling reads: "When it comes to all things ancient Egyptian, I consider myself an “enthusiastic amateur.” For that reason,I was absolutely delighted when we had the chance to visit Egypt and see the Giza plateau and the Great pyramid. It was amazing to see the size of the stones that the ancient Egyptians were able to move with nothing but simple tools, ingenuity, and plenty of manpower."
  2. Cake

    My husband and I on our wedding day. Journaling reads: "On our wedding day we had so much fun cutting our wedding cake and then sharing pieces of it with each other - first owith a fork, then with our fingers. It was delicious!" Made with Love is Patient by Ooh La La Scraps
  3. Egypt

    My husband and I visiting the Great Pyramid of Khufu at the Giza plateau. Shapes: hexagons, triangles, diamonds Made with Around the World: Egypt by Amanda Yi and WendyP Designs
  4. Thank you! Merlin is our "magician" (he's survived cancer 17 months longer than expected) so I had to create a magical scene for him.
  5. What a sweetie! Terrific extraction!
  6. Very cool. Terrific extraction and great exotic scene creation!
  7. What a cute Christmas scene! Great extraction!
  8. Fabulous colour choices!
  9. Aww, what a cutie. I like the bit of colour provided by the paint/splat.
  10. Very cool scene! So creative!
  11. Very cool steampunk scene!
  12. Stunning! Deceptively simple.
  13. One of our Sphynx cats, Merlin. Kit - Enchanted Forest - Kristmess Designs
  14. Always in our hearts

    Arwen, who we lost to FIP at 2.5 years Gone Away - Just Because Studio Miss You - Just Because Studio Seaside - Aimee Harrison Designs
  15. Chloe

    Chloe, our Sphynx kitten (and princess) Kit - Purrfection - Aimee Harrison Designs Fonts - Hazelnut, KG Satisfied Script