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  1. Oww, your fallvorites are so awesome! Love this composition, the photo treatment, and this kit.
  2. This is so cool, made! Love how you are represented the mood!
  3. Oh, I'm so late for Halloween subject, but this page was in my mind so why not?!
  4. Halloween House

    Created with Design by Angela ~ "Ballroom Blitz", Dani Moy ~ ''Genuine Grunge'', FranB Designs ~ ''Hallowbling'', Palvinka Designs ~ ''Give Thanks'' and Paula Kesselring ~ ''Skulls''.
  5. So clever and interesting page! Love the viewpoint and the elements used.
  6. challenge

    Nope, not at all! I love the autumn and was fun challenge.
  7. challenge

    So interesting challenge, I took this photos special for it. But to be honest I expected something about Halloween.
  8. The Fall down and up

    Created with ''Sweater Weather'' elements and papers by Vicki Stegall and template from "Falling for You" by Designed by Soco. here, here and here.
  9. Thank you all, for your kindly words! Usually I would put the shadow on the ground like in the real life and in the paintings. But I took the course for shadowing by Michelle Coleman, where she explained this form of shadowing, when we want to impart the feeling for a paper element glued for a paper background, so to looks like 3D paper card, not like realistik scene. This idea is away from my comfort zone, so I'm happy that you liked it, looks like I'm get it right !
  10. Great board! I decided to create something in my style. Inspired by this:
  11. ATCard Cock

    Created with "Bucolic", "Botanicals", "52 Inspirations 2017 - no 23 - transfers" and "Joy" all by Vicki Stegall designs. here
  12. Thank you, girls, sorry I disturbed you!
  13. Mmm, sorry, but I send message 2 times and no one answer me. What I can do more?
  14. WoW, thank you! I didn't expect to happen from the first try! I'm so excited to try one of the classes. I definitely have need, but first want to try with one do will can transform learned for my graphic program because all classes was mentioned for PS. So this give me the great opportunity!