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  1. I had so much troubles at geometric style at MoS challenge, so I think to try this again.
  2. This is my interpretation: Thanks for the challenge!
  3. Kiana, it's a great idea to be simple, but I'm just not minimalist, please don't count strict! Happy holidays to all!
  4. No, not to redeeming my coupon but to receive it after I won. But still thanks for your quick response! And thanks to both of you for a help!
  5. This is mine Winter's Tale I also want to ask, I write to the Student Support and also to Tiffany, but no one answer me to redeem the two discount coupon that I already won. What can I do?!
  6. Oh, in a last moment again, but better late than never. I created something like a thanksgiving card, about my sister homemade apricot pie.
  7. Oh, I'm so late for Halloween subject, but this page was in my mind so why not?!
  8. challenge

    Nope, not at all! I love the autumn and was fun challenge.
  9. challenge

    So interesting challenge, I took this photos special for it. But to be honest I expected something about Halloween.
  10. Great board! I decided to create something in my style. Inspired by this:
  11. Thank you, girls, sorry I disturbed you!
  12. Mmm, sorry, but I send message 2 times and no one answer me. What I can do more?
  13. WoW, thank you! I didn't expect to happen from the first try! I'm so excited to try one of the classes. I definitely have need, but first want to try with one do will can transform learned for my graphic program because all classes was mentioned for PS. So this give me the great opportunity!
  14. My favorite season too, great Board and I was inspired by the leaves, but because it's still early I used one of my favorite old photo session.
  15. OK, if by September 15 included the 15th I'm in a last minute, but if means till 15th, sorry for my misunderstood! link here