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  1. Love this!
  2. SteamPunk Lion

    I loved this series of videos. Here's my layout created with On A Whimsical Adventure, Somewhere In Time Kit. Photo from Pixabay
  3. Congrats on winning 3rd place!! All your pages were so unique and perfect for each category.
  4. Congrats on a well deserved win!! Your pages were all very striking and perfectly scrapped for each style.
  5. Congrats!! All your pages were amazing and the photos were just so sharp and lifelike. Well deserved win!!!
  6. Love the rich pops of color and the beautiful blending/brush work. See something new everytime you look at it and the font used was perfect. Congrats on the much deserved win!
  7. Congrats on your win! Amazing layout and the colors are fantastic. Love how you've blended everything together, this is truly an awesome layout.
  8. Congrats on your win! This is a beautiful layout and I love the large picture and the colors you used.
  9. Congrats on the win! This is a wonderful layout and a perfect representation of the eclectic style.
  10. Beautiful Layouts! Love all the textures and those amazing blue eyes that just grab your attention.
  11. Wow, amazing job creating the background! Wonderful layout!
  12. Beautiful! Awesome blending and the colors are just amazing.
  13. Love the colors! Another great layout.
  14. Such a fun and wonderful layout. Beach photo is gorgeous and sets the tone. Congrats on GSO...well deserved!
  15. KandiB-finalentry.jpg

    Layouts linked below. This has been a learning experience and I have totally enjoyed it. I especially loved seeing all the amazing layouts!!! Minimalist - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4118-minimalist-stylejpg/ Geometric - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4512-touch-it-no-wayjpg/ Traditional - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4816-solar-eclipsejpg/ Eclectic - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/5072-eclectic-layoutjpg/ Free Spirit - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4194-happiness-sadness-freestylejpg/ Day Dreamer - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4495-steampunk-menageriejpg/ Shape Shifter - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/4841-sssnakejpg/ Abstractionist - http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/5086-mississippi-bridgejpg/