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    Minimalist - Free style - Geometric - Day Dreamer - Traditionalist - Shape shifter - Eclectic - abstractionist -
  2. Balloon Dreamer

    Just Jamiee - Storyteller July 2017 Kristin Cronin Barrows - Farewell Summer
  3. Watermelon Bat St Johns USVI

    3 ribbons 3bows 3 fasteners 3 labels 3 realistic flowers 3 cardboard flowers 3 greeneries 3 stitches 3 buttons 3 acrylic flairs 3 scatters 3 splatters 3 stamps 3 frames 3 borders 3 realistic seashells 3 charms 3 nettings 3 fonts for the Title and journaling even! Kits used - Amber Shaw - Seaglass, Limitless. Digilicious Designs - Summers Calling - Deep, Surf and Sail kits Digital Scrapbook ingredients - Give Thanks Just so Scrappy - Just Beachy
  4. I uploaded my eclectic page and it was fuzzy so I reuploaded it but I then uploaded the wrong one!! Can you delete the last one that I uploaded so I can upload the right one!! but don't delete the first one just incase for some reason I did not save the original, I will have to be ok with the original upload if that is the case


    Sorry for the confusion!!

    Thanks for all your help and work!


    sthompsonfoto is the name for the forum and Watermelon Bay - St Johns USVI is the image

    1. Katherine Engelhardt

      Katherine Engelhardt

      Hi Stacy,

      No problem! I deleted the most recent layout. Let me know if you need the first one deleted. 


    2. sthompsonfoto


      FInally!!!! After 4 attempts to get my computer to save it correctly I have it done and reuploaded clearly this time!! So now if you could delete the original that would be great!! Thanks again!!

    3. Katherine Engelhardt

      Katherine Engelhardt

      Okay, the first layout has been deleted. Good luck in the competition!


  5. Meat-Treats.jpg

    Kits used- Meg Mullens - Party in the back, Made of Awesome Kristin Cronin Barrows - Once upon a summer Amber Shaw - Limitless Amanda Yi- this is Home
  6. LOVE IT!!! I was going to do a sea turtle pic and make the shell but couldn't get happy with it! but you killed it! Great job!
  7. butterflies.jpg

    Kits used - Kristen Cronin-Barrows - Go Outdoors- Meadows, Go Outdoors-Beauty Amber Shaw - Seagrass LIfe is an adventure - Lily pad collab kit
  8. This makes me laugh!! Great job it all fits together so perfectly you have to do a double take to see that it isn't real!
  9. Not what I was wishing for

    Magical Scraps galore - Superheros, Washington DC Cathy K designs - Fossil Hunter Jenn Dipzinski Designs - Weather or Not
  10. Good Times Water Sliding

    Kits Used Libby Pritchett - Gunpowder and Glitz Just Jamiee - July 2017 Storykeeper & Summer July 2017 Storykeeper add on kit Little Butterfly Wings - Ready to Go Outside
  11. Grand-staircase-road2.jpg

    Blagavesta Gosheva - Destinations Heather Roselli - Experience Travel