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  1. It's still pretty hot here in Florida and will be until probably December. I have to live vicariously through people who have cooler weather for fall. So tell me what are your Fall Favorites? Things to do, things to eat, events, etc... I like to decorate inside my house for fall. I like to bake some pumpkin bread or apple muffins. I start making soup and sandwiches for lunch. We also go to the pumpkin patch and take photos. We carve pumpkins and it's always fun to see what designs my daughter and husband chose. For some reason, it just seems to be "family time". So what about you?
  2. I'm a keeper, but recently realized that there is no reason to keep certain things. Books from college would certainly fall in to that category for me. If you have papers you really want to keep why not scan them and keep them digitally? As for books, if you haven't looked at the them in 20 years and won't use them for an art project then "Let it Go!!!".
  3. Sheri - What an amazing page! Your layering always leaves me in awe! That new baby is so yummy. This page is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and playing along.
  4. This is really neat with the two circles together - looks like binoculars to me. The white space bring the large photos in to perspective. Great page!
  5. Tammy I just love how you hung your photo from the 2017 - it looks so cool and what a fabulous idea! The woodgrain paper adds a really nice, cozy touch. The clusters around 2017 are just perfect! Love it!
  6. What a great photo! Love the pops of color in the black in and with the white background. Great layout!
  7. This is so fun! Love the grid with the angled elements. Great lift!
  8. This is really cute Kiana! I love how you did the title with the wire and the arrow.
  9. This is so unique and so beautifully done! What a stunning two pager. I hope the bride and groom love it.
  10. This is super duper awesome! The black and white totally stands out and I just love the triangle shapes. The shadows are awesome too.
  11. Thank you everyone that joined us this month for the second challenge of September! The winners are listed below: (1) $30.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - Christine (1) $20.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - Sherly (1) $10.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - HeatherH When you are ready to use your discount coupon please contact Student Support with the name of the class you would like to apply it to since coupons are class specific. Prizes in the challenges can be saved and combined for purchasing a class or event. Any balance after purchasing a class will be forfeited. Thank you all for joining the challenge and I hope to see you pages each month! The first challenge for October is already up and running so get scrapping!
  12. This is just beautiful! I love how you used the sketch!
  13. This is so beautifully done! I love the soft feel of the colors. The build up of the layers with the shadowing is fabulous. Love your take on the mood board! Thanks for playing along.
  14. This is gorgeous and fun! I love all the little squares of paper with the clusters. What an adorable photo too! Love your take on the challenge! Thanks for playing along.
  15. This is such a neat mix of traditional and scene building. I really love the spooky theme you made in the background. The pumpkins and baskets look great!