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  1. nickel-finalentry.jpg I only get three "shortcuts" so i so I gave the links on it order is ecclectist, abstrationist, traditionist, shape shfter , Day dreamer (focus), Geometrsist, free spirit and Minimalist Thanks for your time amd effort to organize such a big scrapping event!1
  2. Love your photo treatment!
  3. Ecclectist.jpg

    I used, 4 frames (2 the same), 4 brads, 3 buttons, 3 threads, 3 loops, 3 stitches (repeated), 4 tape, 4 chevrons, 3 (water color ) paint, 3 butterflies, 5 staples 93 different), 3 wa, 3 Star stamps, 3 word transfers, 3 leaves, 5 patterned papers and one card stock water color action by Seven Styles Nini goes Digi: Sakura Ange designs: Summer memories Anna Aspnes designs: APP Wander, Chance and Find My way Angie Young Designs: Be your own hero Courtney Designs Urban Sprawl, She, In Bloom, Young at heart On a Whimsical Adventure What if I Fly, Catching waves NKB designs Candy crush, Memories in a Box artsy bit and pieces may 2015, Family story Joyful Heart Designs color crush 38 shabby cardstock Blue Flower Art : Quentin and co Oscraps collaborations: no day but Today, So Quircky,
  4. Awesome brushwork! Love how you made a scene out of them!
  5. Cute photos!
  6. Awesome photos! Love the use of the Peacock tail feather as embellishment!
  7. Love your creative use of the shadows!
  8. Awesome clustering!
  9. Abstractionist.jpg

    My entry I used brushes made by me using Caran d'aches Neo color 2 aquarel sticks) and a skribble also by me Water color action of Seven Styles Anna Aspnes Jazzed up Loop da loops #3 , #4and #5( some only the lights), APP Find my Way (Frame), Artist Edge # 1, Living well (brush set), Lace Textures 1, Scriptease love #1, Spackle textured #1, scritease Happiness Overlays #1 Brush set Free art Ample, Potpourri paper 1, Fabric textures #1, Wise Words NKB designs: Family Story Magic Lights Artsy bitts (birds Overlay), Candy Crush loopilaloozas, Jopke Desings (Jopke van Dongen) Mix Unlimited 2 (brushes), 3600 pixels Overlay On a whimsical Adventure What if you can fly (text overlay) Angie Young Be your own Hero (Egde overlay) , Textur Paint backgroundsCourtney Designs Urban Sprawl (splatter)
  10. Love how you use yor own approach!
  11. Awesome use of masks and colors and a stunning composition!
  12. What a cutie!
  13. Really stunning and awesome! i love how you used the white space!
  14. Awesome photo treatment!
  15. Love the photo treatment!