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  1. What a special page...so sorry for your loss. Love that you used the 3D piece of "string" to tie the two photos together.
  2. Your layout stood out to me because I just posted my own layout titled Sarah...of my cat! LOL! Love your triangle of clusters...visually captivating!
  3. I love that you used two different patterns in the title...a very cheery page!
  4. Love your framing around the big photo and the offset placement of the close-up photo! Super cute page!
  5. Top View

    Tried to make this look like stuff I might have on my desk, and like I have a blotter pad to doodle on. Just my silly cat...noisiest creature ever. CREDITS: Mommyish Photo Realism (binder clip, pencils, cork background, vellum envelope, circle tags, spiral notebook); Tangie Baxter Ultimate Art Doll (cat, legs); Traci Sims Urban Fragments Ephemera (pressed flowers, receipt, bingo card, bus pass, stamp); Sausan Designs Vintage Paper Polaroids; Emka Designs Coffee (polka dot tattered paper); Scrapaneers Champions Top View Strategy (iPhone); Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan (A Sexton Parcel 2 watercolor bird); Tangie Baxter Journal Anthology (bourbon advertisement); Studio Gypsy A New Day (folded paper); Taran Conyers Ribbonerie II (black and white ribbon clip); ON Designs Ribbons 4 (floral ribbon); Vera Lim Doodles (framed heart); Shabby Princess Island Chic (orange gingham bow); Digital Design Essentials Art for Asher (Susan McCormack butterfly doodle, Susan Cyrus sun doodle); Shabby Miss Jenn Girl Time (I heart doodle, doodle flower); Kimberly Lund Bubbly (doodle border); Michele Godin Met a Boy (girl doodle); Fonts: Digs My Heart, Highland Perk
  6. Stars

    CREDITS: Flergs A Summer Story (papers, scatterz); Scrapaneers Champions Border Layers/Template; Flergs & Franziska Altmann's Sugar Rush (star cluster); Tangie Baxter's Zingers (little star); Sausan Designs Oh Tannenbaum (doodled stars); Font: Hootie;
  7. See Me

    I used the Made to Match strategies to create the diagonal paper from the striped paper in the kit; I built my own tag element; and used multiple elements to create a title. CREDITS: Traci Reed Prove Them Wrong (papers--striped is altered, doilie, word art, alphas, borders, flowers, leaves, frames, buttons, tape); Pattie Knox (shape template); Flergs Apt D (key); Champions Luggage Tags (altered); Taran Conyers Love Doodles (used in title); Marilyn Fenwick Journaling Stamps; Fonts: Hootie and Janda Elegant Handwriting
  8. Grad

    I learned a lot with the August 2016 Keep It Real Strategy, but my stitching did not turn out very well. I have great stitching in my stash, so not a problem. Glad other people know Photoshop well enough to do the heavy lifting for me! Like this great template from Janelle! I like being freed up to just play. Here's my son who graduated from high school this year. I will probably put some journaling in the upper right corner. CREDITS: Janelle Van Leuven for Scrapaneers Champions August 2016 Keeping It Real Strategy (template); Dawn Inskip Precious Moments (papers, tape, stars, doodles, word strips, dandelions, staple, charm, cardboard bookplate, word art); Fonts: Happy Daze, Hootie
  9. Super job on the cut-out flowers! Putting them against that polka dot background is super cute!
  10. I had no idea about Tuba Christmas until my son started talking about it. I don't live in the town he performed at, but his dad does, so it was a cool thing for him to discover. Quite a sound all that low brass makes!
  11. Thanks, Kellie! I sure enjoy the process!
  12. Precious

    Learned a lot from the September 2016 Art from the Heart strategy! Thanks, Tiffany! CREDITS: NBK Designs' Precious kit
  13. Bros

    I didn't really follow the tutorial for the October 2016 strategy, Digital Appistry, but I did download both of the apps, and think they are cool. I used the Prisma app to make 2 versions of this photo. Love my sons! CREDITS: Lynn Grieveson This Life Here (background, brushes, paper tears, word art, banners); Meredith Fenwick Antique Stamped Alpha brushes; Studio Girls' Impressions of Travel Birgit Kerr's Paper Border (skyline); Kellie Mize Brush Strokes; Prisma App; Jessica Bolton Delight in Photographs (photo corners); Rachel Young Shangri-la (paper umbrella); Sussie M Secret Garden (circles, blended); One Little Bird's Creator (star stamp, blended); Studio Flergs' Strawberry Delight (paper tear on photo)
  14. This is gorgeous! Your mask work is perfect! Really flows with the ocean photos!
  15. I love this...traditional scrappers definitely rock the theme layouts, and this one is super cute, photo-centric and very realistic!