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  1. Superb, Trace!!! I love your design and the combination of kits. But most of all I love that it doesn't look cluttered.
  2. Wonderfully complex, Ona! I just knew you'd come up with something phenomenal for this
  3. anne-finalentry.jpg

    Minimalist Geometrist Traditionalist Eclectic Free Spirit Day Dreamer Shape Shifter Abstractionist
  4. Brilliant!
  5. I Love the design of your page!
  6. Fascinating, brilliant, and a true work of art!
  7. Captivating

    5 Patterned papers - Kits from Created by Jill Anticipation, Remember When, Just Relax, Today I Feel Happy, Walk With Me. There are 2 photos -one of the Abbey and one of the houses. The 30 elements are as follows: (CBJ - Created by Jill) 3 Frames: CBJ Inner Peace x 2, NBK Design - Feel 3 Foliage: Lynne Anzelc - A Scrap of Yellow, A Scrap of Autumn (2) 3 Butterflies: Lynne Anzelc - Abstract Nature (2) Floral Winds (1) 3 Flowers: Lynne Anzelc - A Scrap of Yellow, A Scrap of Autumn (2) 3 Birds: NBK Design - Trust, Lynne Anzelc - A Scrap of Yellow, Countryside 3 Fasteners: NBK Design - Carefree Moments, CBJ - Artistically Speaking, CBJ - By The Numbers 3 Threads: NBK Design - The Tears I Feel Today, Created by Jill - Creative Essentials (2) 3 Crochet: CBJ - Some Kind of Wonderful, CBJ - First Love, CBJ - Winter Sparkle 3 Doodles: CBJ - Some Kind of Wonderful (2), CBJ - These Are My Dreams for You 3 Splatters: CBJ - It's That Time of Year Again, CBJ - I'll Catch You If You Fall, CBJ - Perfectly Imperfect
  8. Great result, Deanna!
  9. Fantastic work on the photo treatment, Trace
  10. Fantastic!!!
  11. Paradise Valley

    Springbreak Bundle - NBK Design Fonts: Cherry Cordial Alternates, Channel Photos: Church, Valley, Pampas Grass - all mine.
  12. Strawberry Patch Mini Kit - Aimee Harrison Designs Artsy Berries - Katie Pertiet Inked Alpha Brushes No.2 - Katie Pertiet Journaling Font: Berrylicious Photos: Mine
  13. Speechless!!!
  14. Perfect, Alanna!!! I totally LOVE the movement and proportions. Just brilliant!