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  1. love it tammy you dit a awesome job !
  2. MOS4-Melanie-small.jpg

    I used saltwater from kristin cronin barrow
  3. oooooh that little baby is adorable and your layout is fantastic
  4. oooh wow thanx you i dit not expact these comments !
  5. ooooh this is awesome i love the tutle out of shapes
  6. aaah thanx you so much this comment made my day not only is it not my style it is something i really hate , i worked all day on this page and it ended a lot of times in the thrasbin
  7. MOS3-melanie-small.jpg

    i used watch out for the moon from laurie davis
  8. oooh nietis i love this one i could she right away it whas a layout made by you
  9. bryony this one is just awesome love the colors and all the shapes
  10. ooooh i love this it looks awesome
  11. thanx you !
  12. thanx you janice , tammy and katherine for the kind words
  13. aaah thanx you so much for all the nice comments
  14. aaah thanx you so much cassie sonja and renee your comments made my day
  15. sorry for your lost but the page is awesome i get the feeling