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  1. Andddddddd Drumroll: A week late, but I ahve finished my 2 year old's baby book! Thank you so much for the inspiration, ladies! I don't know if I ever would have finished, much less this year, if I didn't have this encouragement!
  2. I know we are done, but I am so close to being done with this project- Just month 8 is left, which I am working on right now!!!
  3. thank you! just app pages, but the style really fit for a babby book with lots of journaing!
  4. 5368-month-10-ajpg 5369-month-10-bjpg I still have month 8 and 9 to do, but the journaling is organized and the photos are in folders on my phone. Most importantly, I have the fire to actually finish this! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!
  5. I know I haven't shared anything yet, but sorting through the thousands of photos for my kiddos baby book is the longest part. I am mostly done now and have finished month 11!!
  6. Oh I'm so here for this! I am going to finish my daughter's baby book. I don't know why I have this mental block- I've done most of the heavy lifting on it but she's two now and I can't seem to finish up the last 4 months without getting all sobby lol. I'm gonna do it though!
  7. Oh this is gorgeous- reminds me of the Sistine chapel for some reason!
  8. oh this is so amazing, thank you so much!!! Lovely layouts ladies!
  9. belated, but I got it done! Thanks for the inspiration!
  10. Grandma Millie

    My sweet step-grandma who took me in and treated me like her own Belated Sept Challenge
  11. Thank you so much! I'm such a huge fan- I can't believe you commented on my page lol
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats on your GSO!
  13. OMG thank you!!!! I'm so surprised- competition was beautiful this week
  14. I just finished MOS and was looking to start my first challenge here. Sounds like a plan!
  15. breeoxd-finalentry.jpg

    Thank you for this awesome competition! Links: