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  1. Great work!
  2. Fun page for a fun day!
  3. Memories.jpg

    Using brushes, masks, blending, paint and photo blending with items from Forever Scrappin Safari, HSA Fresh Sea Breeze, Amanasa's Studio Life Basixx Pixel Scrapper Janet Scott and Melo Vrijhof, J labre, JMaddocks Bricolage C7, Courtney's Designs Magical Beginnings, Oscraps Firefly nights, sfancy Free yourself, Laura's Digi World Party mini
  4. Great job Janice! I could pick it out right away.
  5. The Little Fishing Lake

    This was very hard for me. I like the photo/s to be the star and don't like to add very many embellishments. 3 different of ---1. Frames 2. Paint 3. Splatter. 4. Leaves, 5. Flowers, 6. Bugs, 7. Lures 8. Lake "critters" 9. Word Art 10. Ribbons and a few others. Using SeaTrout Scraps Waterside Bundle, Creative Memories Wish, Willow , and Vintage kits, SNP Aug 2014 Blog -Janet's Digital Joys, Mscraps Collab Autumn Potporri JMay, Pixel Scrapper(PS)- Marisa Lerin, PS Blog Autumn Art, PS Dawn Prater, PS KFarmer, PS Dreams4Ever, PS ThirdSpring, PS Unwind blog Train, Doudou Designs Naturally Yours, LFDD King of my Heart, Eudora Designs Sea Story
  6. escape.jpg

    Using bits and pieces of 4 photos I took. 2 taken in Vietnam (Halong Bay) and 2 taken in Seoul Korea. I tried to convey the trees escaping the frame and the brick wall. The women and her children are escaping from the trees and the brick wall. I left a bit of colour in where they are escaping toward to convey hope and a better life. Paper Dawn Inskip Of Wishes Hopes and Dreams blog Train( With photo Blend) Frame and Mask Creations by Jill Serenity of the Sea
  7. Love this Janice!
  8. Beachin

    A super fun trip. Here is a "down day" playing at the beach on a very hot day. The last shot even has a bit of moisture on the lens but works for me. Using K.Pertiet Sealife Memoires, SeaTrout Scraps Waterside Mega Bundle, Digital Scrapbook Studios Coastal Tides. Alpha is Viva CTaylor Island Rose
  9. Great job on extracting the boys!
  10. Chartreuse Fields

    Photo from a hike this summer on one of the local trails. Content: LFDD Designers Series 1 , SNP August BT BTS, Ambassador Kit Designer Digitals, PSBT Garden Party SLR, CBJ Serenity of the Sea, Jennifer Ferr Simple Pleasure Designs INSD, Sahin Designs Morning Coffee, MScraps Preserving Memories BT GBennett Palette
  11. Great page Janice!
  12. Wow! This is amazing!
  13. Hunter's Guilty Pleasure

    My cat loves Watermelon for some strange reason. My last cat loved red licorice even stranger! Credits PS(Pixel Scrapper) Sheila ReidPS Country blog train PS Furry Friends PS DBMagnolia Animal Kingdom and Summer Splash PSBT Garden Party mom PS Dreams 4 ever designs PS AJanner Blue Skies and Lemonade PSBT Our House dhariana and DBM PSBT Nutcracker SID ADS Good Old Summer Time CariocaD Scrapbook Pool PartyG S Staycation Laurie's scraps Sg Stories for LIves Juno Halcyon BG