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  1. Great job on extracting the boys!
  2. Chartreuse Fields

    Photo from a hike this summer on one of the local trails. Content: LFDD Designers Series 1 , SNP August BT BTS, Ambassador Kit Designer Digitals, PSBT Garden Party SLR, CBJ Serenity of the Sea, Jennifer Ferr Simple Pleasure Designs INSD, Sahin Designs Morning Coffee, MScraps Preserving Memories BT GBennett Palette
  3. Great page Janice!
  4. Wow! This is amazing!
  5. Hunter's Guilty Pleasure

    My cat loves Watermelon for some strange reason. My last cat loved red licorice even stranger! Credits PS(Pixel Scrapper) Sheila ReidPS Country blog train PS Furry Friends PS DBMagnolia Animal Kingdom and Summer Splash PSBT Garden Party mom PS Dreams 4 ever designs PS AJanner Blue Skies and Lemonade PSBT Our House dhariana and DBM PSBT Nutcracker SID ADS Good Old Summer Time CariocaD Scrapbook Pool PartyG S Staycation Laurie's scraps Sg Stories for LIves Juno Halcyon BG
  6. Lovely LO! Photo and colours so great together.
  7. Some Time Ago

    Mom and Me some time ago. Credits Paper- Summerloving paper 9 Pixel ScraperFrames -mem2gnt Preserving Memories Blog Trainand Cottage Arts Click mask 30Font Tall and SlimBromello

    © Cheryl Millar

  8. This is Me

    This is me- I love to travel, I love seahorses, I love the outdoors. I have recently retired leaving a very stressful environment, I feel liberated though sometimes scared, wistful of the past, muddled yet hopeful and excited for what's to come. Credits- JMaddocks Aquatic, Artful Marks Autumn, Free to be me, Challenge 6 JMaddocks bs aug2017 element 3(map) Oscraps ME WA2 -LydiaK Oscraps Novel Transfer AASPN2JSD Accent 2tangie all that is best LFDD WLTB Ocean View Mega Kit LFDD PS April BH Earth Day whimsy CD Magic of Beginnings Gesso Doudou Designs