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  1. I love the way you included the poster in your layout. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. How clever Amie, including the poster in your layout. Great job mimicking the background of the poster with the swirl of rainbow colors. Well done!
  3. Really lovely Marilyn! I like that you included photos of the flowers and the back of the dress. It does a great job of preserving the memories of the event. I like the way the paper mats tie it altogether.
  4. After watching the Art of the Apps 2 with Kelly Sill, I found that most of the good apps only work with iphones. I would love to use the scrapbooking apps that Kelly taught. I also want a better camera on my phone. Mine is almost useless. I have an Android and not a very good one. It was a cheap one that uses Nokia cards and not a service like AT&T. So I am wondering what service provider in the best and least expensive. Any thoughts? Also, if you have an iphone, do you love it?
  5. This is absolutely adorable. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  6. This is sooooo cute. I saw your inspiration poster in the forum and this is a great adaption. That camera angle on her little legs is just adorable. Well done!
  7. Those Morning Glories are so pretty and add such a nice splash of color. You used the template well and great job on the journaling.
  8. You picked a topic that a lot of us can relate to. Those dynamic brushes are fun aren't they? Love the layout.
  9. Beautiful page Kathy! I love the different view of the statue you included and the way you did your title. It's subtle but effective.
  10. This is beautiful and I think it's already perfect.
  11. Great job! I think Tangie would love what you did here. I like the little button embellishments too.
  12. This turned out just stunning. I would make a lovely framed piece.
  13. Great job on this Christa! Now I need to get my upgraded tablet up and working so I can play too.
  14. This is so clever and I like the way you posted them side by side for comparison. I can see this technique being used in a variety of ways. Thanks for the inspiration.
  15. Thanks for inspiring us with this clever take on the inside out poster. Well done!