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  1. September 15, 2017 challenge

    I was inspired by the fall colors and fall theme of the mood board. Fun challenge. The supplies are in the EXIF.
  2. I usually long for cooler weather after a long hot summer but the summer was mild this year so I don't mind it staying warm a little longer. We often take a fall vacation after all the kids are back in school and the touristy places are less crowded. I love the colors. Sometimes the air seems to take on a golden hue. It's my favorite time of the year except for Christmas but just that brief holiday part.
  3. I see you have a little Packers fan. Sweet photos. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  4. What a sweet layout and I love the fun facts. Most of those would be forgotten in the distant future if it weren't for this wonderful layout. Well done!
  5. I thought I would join in on the fun. I was inspired by the fall colors and fall theme of the mood board. Here is my layout.
  6. We just finished a week of challenges for our birthday week here at Scrapaneers. I thought the challenge to make a layout based on a mood board of random things looked like fun and even though the challenge is over, I'm going to try that. It's a new type of challenge for me. Before now I have always enjoyed doing a scraplift challenge and I don't much like the challenge where they give you something to add to your layout each day and try to throw a curveball at you. In the end, I want to come out with a layout I'm happy with. What kinds of challenges do you enjoy? Maybe we can include some in our monthly challenges.
  7. I love your unique layout style. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  8. These colors are perfect for the challenge. Thanks for joining in.
  9. Hey Kathy, what happens when you try to upload your photo? By the way my vacation was delayed till this Thursday due to the hurricane in Florida.
  10. Congratulations everyone. The layouts were great!
  11. My weekend has been mostly relaxing with moments of busyness. One of my granddaughters had a volleyball tournament this weekend so we went to that and then we stayed with her and her brother and sister while my daughter and her husband went out for the evening. Today one of my granddaughters sang in church. This afternoon I made some recipes that work for my husbands diet restrictions so I could freeze them. We video chatted with my son and his family in California. A pretty typical weekend I guess.
  12. Great job using a lot of photos on the layout. Thanks for joining the challenge. The colors are perfect.
  13. This is so unique and unexpected. Well done!
  14. Lovely heritage page. I love all the ephemera you included.
  15. This is gorgeous Kathy. I love the way the brads mimic the apples. Really well done!
  16. It's so hard to leave your little ones behind but it must be heartwarming to see how happy they are with grandma. This is a sweet layout. I like the way everything seems to be on a strip that appears to be pinned to a wall. If I would change anything it would be to bring one of those tiny yellow flowers up to the button and the bow so you get that visual triangle that Tiffany talked about in her Scrap Focus class.
  17. Isn't wonderful when they pose for you? These are great photos. At first glance I thought that was a halo over their heads. The colors here are gorgeous and I love the clusters around the lower photo.
  18. Really nice heritage page Christa. I like the antique tone of the whole layout.
  19. Your title work on this is awesome. I love the colors and the burst in the middle of the page. Lovely!
  20. I love how you fit the lighthouse into the long photo. I really like how the Peter Pan element connects the photos and clusters. Well done!
  21. Great job with your shadowing. This is a beautiful layout. I love the neutrals with the one pop of pink. Well done!
  22. This is so much fun. I love the scribbled frames and the title is perfect. I can't help but wonder if he needed help getting out of that position.
  23. This is amazing! Your title is wonderful and I like the overlay of the map. It's placed perfectly over that stunning photo.
  24. What a fun page. Thanks for joining the challenge.