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  1. I couldn't agree more. We have run into some really rude security people. I know they have to do their job but they could be nice. I have never had a job where I would or could treat people like that. I like the sights along the way too. One year we drove up through Canada and then down through Vermont and continued south, visiting a total of 17 states. Although some of the states we just drove through, we stopped in most of them and got to see many wonderful places. I would love to do that again.
  2. Wonderful layout, very mysterious. I like your keyhole and rusty textures.
  3. Fun and funny! I love your fantasy layout. You did a great job creating a fantasy world. Nice job on the extraction too.
  4. This is wonderful Pixie! What a fun page.
  5. Lemon Meringue and Key Lime pie are delicious. My daughter just texted me and said she was bringing a cherry pie, an apple pie, an oreo pie, and a caramel pecan supreme pie from Baker's Square for Thanksgiving. That's a lot of pie for 11 people.
  6. I have never been a Black Friday shopper, but my husband and two daughters go out in the evening when everything has quieted down and shop for me. The girls give my husband suggestions on things they think I might like. They usually go out to dinner together and make an evening of it. They have been doing it for years. I shop online more and more. I really hate that the stores are opening on Thanksgiving. My daughter has a part time job at a department store and her Thanksgiving is ruined by having to be at work at 3:00.
  7. Amazing layout! I love the photo treatment and your list of favorites that really looks hand written. Well done!
  8. This looks like fun. I have some food photos from the recipe pamphlet I've been trying to make for the family.
  9. We always start decorating later than I would like but I have to wait for my husband to bring our huge artificial tree up from the basement. I don't know how that will work this year since he had surgery. Anyway, we have guests both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so it has to be festive. I think I would like to do a little each day.
  10. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Costco makes a huge one and it's pretty good. Very inexpensive too.
  11. Besides getting to my destination quicker and not arriving tired from a long drive, I really hate flying. I'm not nervous or afraid. I just hate all the things that come with flying. My list would include: When my husband works too late and makes us rush to the airport. The long lines for the bathrooms which are overworked and not clean. Packing everything in one bag and a carry on. Being treated rudely by the security people (I know it's necessary, I just don't like being treated like cattle and being prodded along and yelled at) The tight fit of the seats that makes you buddy up to a stranger. The cramps from sitting too long. Okay, enough whining. I usually read on my tablet during the flight and sometimes sleep to make the time go faster. My husband suggested that the next time we go to California to see my son and his family, we should drive and make a sightseeing trip out of it. Maybe take a week to get there and back. Sounds good to me.
  12. It definitely gets you to your destination sooner but otherwise I hate it so you're not missing anything.
  13. You got some great photos, I especially like the side view. Nice job blending the photo into the background.
  14. I love your lifted photos, your title, your word art... just all of it. Well done!
  15. You used the twig frame beautifully. Great clusters and blending.
  16. That photo sure has an eerie feel to it. I don't think I would want to walk down that path. I like the black background paper.
  17. Great "all about me" page. I love the little bits that you have added all around the page. Well done!
  18. What a sweet way to honor your great grandma. I bet she will love this pretty page.
  19. Yum, I love pumpkin pie.What a fun way to document a family favorite.
  20. Pretty page Christine. I wish I had all those little details about my kids when they were growing up.
  21. Oh my, this is so much fun. I haven't started this strategy yet but you are inspiring me to get going. Really well done layout!
  22. It looks like a fun challenge. Great job with the shadows on this layout Amie.
  23. We just got back from visiting my son and his family in the San Diego area. They have pretty much the same weather all year. It's beautiful but I think I would miss the seasons.
  24. I like baked goods with pumpkin but nothing else. We carved pumpkins with the grandkids on Sunday and that's enough to turn you off to them for a while. The walls of these pumpkins were about 2 inches think, much thicker than usual. I wonder what weather conditions caused that. Anyway, they were super hard to carve.
  25. Wow, so much to see here. I love how you blended all the elements together to make a fun cohesive layout. Well done!