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  1. Those eyes really draw you into this layout - great work!
  2. Incredible layout with incredible depth! Love this!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
  4. This is stunning!
  5. Love all of the elements in your layout!
  6. This is so incredibly awesome! One of my favourites!
  7. Oh, I love how "fresh" this page looks! Great work!
  8. Coady_finalentry.JPEG

    Thanks to everyone so much for such an amazing experience! This was challenging but fun. Cathy
  9. Celebrate 2017

    Finally getting some pictures from New Year's scrapped! This was an interesting challenge for me as I don't usually put so many elements on a page! Always good to step out of the box!
  10. Love this!
  11. Nothing But Net

    This turned out to be more fun than I thought it was going to be! My son gave me his seal of approval for this layout so it was definitely worth the effort!
  12. So incredibly gorgeous!
  13. Love your blending and how you made the pictures look progressively bigger.
  14. This is a gorgeous scene!
  15. Lots of incredible detail in this layout! Love it.