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Found 16 results

  1. Miracle.jpg

    I used a Cork Alpha by Mommyish and Bloom and Grow by Mommyish and Mari Koegelenberg.
  2. Traditionalist.jpg

    Kit used:Blossom by K Croninbarrow
  3. Fresh Eggs

    Kiss My Grits by Traci Reed and Krystal Hartley Unscripted Alpha by Mye de Leon Font: DJB Mandy R
  4. Crafty.jpg

    Kit: Precious Moments by Dawn Inskip Fonts: Playlist Caps, Scrappy looking Regular
  5. Wipe Out

    This is one of my favorite photo sequences of my son, taken a few years back in Cancun. You see him in the sand as the tide goes out, distracted by getting his picture taken, and getting completely wiped out by the next wave.
  6. Strawberry Picking

    Kristin Aagard ~ Fruity | Strawberry Kristin Aagard ~ Fruity | Watermelon Alpha Kristin Aagard ~ Fruity Cutie Pink Reptile Designs ~ Fancy Whites Fonts: Fox in the Snow & 1942 Report
  7. Well, I am not sure this is really Traditional Scrapbook fare but the page could be reconstructed with real materials - paper, craons, staples, paint, grass, silk flower, washi tapes, a clip and a glue on charm. I chose a rustic/organic feel because it evoked the simplicity of the prarie we were in and the frame of mind we achieved. Finding joy in the moment with what was at hand. Alpha used: CD Muckosky, Sweetly Pastel (The Lilypad) The journaling reads: I am an organized mother. You know the drill. I plan nearly every minute of our annual vacation. 1999 was special as it was me driving alone to a Montana dude ranch and back to Chicago with my 4 children. On the last day of this monumental road trip we stayed at what turned out to be a very stiff and stern B&B in De Smet, South Dakota. I was full-filling a bucket list item seeing all the Laura Ingles Wilder sites and my children patiently accommodated me. The B&B owners took a deep breath when they saw us, and were pretty cool to this single mom and her "not what they expected" brood. I decided to stay away until dark so found the only nice restaurant in the region (South Dakota is pretty, well.....vast) and it turned out to be on the shores of the twin lakes of the Little House books. We had to go. I still remember the wonderful restaurant owners and the delicious steak dinners and we were served. Most of all, though, I remember this huge lake in the middle of the prairie. The sun was setting, there were water fowl galore and evening birds swooping in for their crepuscular insect dinners. The grasses and occasional lone tree framed one of the most brilliant sunsets I have ever experienced. I lined the kids up for a perfect shot, thinking I could use it for the holiday card. This was back in the day of real film so getting good shots of my children was a challenge with all their different skin tones. But I thought I had the magic light. And it was all working, in organized mom fashion.....But then a toe went in the water, and another, and another, and another. I surrendered to the moment and sat down on some drift wood to watch the kids wade in the warm water. They looked at me in unison, a part of me was thinking "the mud, the wet, I have no towels, no change of clothes….”; but against my nature I said "GO!" And they went in full force, full fun, full laughter and fully dressed. This was now nearly 20 years ago and I still remember that evening by the shores of the twin lakes, not far from the very shore of THE Sliver Lake. I remember how I relaxed, let go, let my kids play. I remember their laughter, their smiles, their joy in the moment as they improvised and I let go. I remember my joy. I have tried to hold that memory and the lesson it taught me. I have tried to say "GO!" when my head says caution, to leap when I am afraid, to encourage myself and my children to keep playing. Oh, and the stiff, stern, grouchy B&B owner caught us traipsing in to her home, long after dark, all soaking wet, leaving a trail of wet foot prints. She frowned. I smiled and wished her peace.
  8. Escape Shed

    This is more my normal style of scrapbooking although it was hard having to stay to just the allotted photo numbers and sizes. This is my OH and I putting up his shed a few years ago.

    © Sharon J Chambers

  9. We Are: Creative, a collab kit by Sweet Shoppe Designs Additional elements Word stamps: Just Jaimee, Everyday Stamps, The Lilypad Screws and Work Zone Sign: Dozer Days, Melissa Bennett and Wishing Well Creations, Sweet Shoppe Designs Tools: I Robot, Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winiecki, The Lilypad Alphabet: A Mother Is, Melissa Bennett and Amanda Yi, Sweet Shoppe Designs
  10. My grown boys this summer had a fantastic time on the tube at the lake. It kept us all in stitches! Credits: Storyteller 2017 - July - Just Jaimee (recolored background paper & stamps) A Moment Captured - Wishing Well Creations Beachy Keen - Studio Flerg Kristen Aagard - Fishing Hole Fonts: 1942 Report, DJB Blueprint
  11. Credits: Amy Wolff - Hoodie Time. Sabrina Dupre - Autumn Splendor. Dawn Inskip - Of Wishes Hopes and Dreams, The Journey, Autumn. Deb Kerkhof - Rustic Autumn. Lynn Grieveson - Head in the Clouds. Etc by Danyale - Flower Fusion. Lynne Marie - M3 Nov 2015. Gina Miller - Happy. Pink Reptile Designs - Lovebug.
  12. The Extraction

    We went through a stretch where it seemed my kids were losing teeth on a weekly basis. I am so glad I was able to capture this moment. When Skies are Grey by Gennifer Bursett Zoom Zoom by Digital Design Essentials Teacher’s Pet by Kristin Aagard & Kristen Rice In Stitches by Robyn Meierotto More Cowbell by Gennifer Bursett Collaborate by Pixels & Co. Simply You - Kim Broedelet Captured - MScraps Collab Alpha - Tiny Tattered Fonts: Refresh, Articulate CF v2
  13. Na na na Batgirl

    School Rules Alpha by Bella Gypsy Scrappy Type by Bella Gypsy
  14. Give me away

    © Michelle Morales Photography