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Project Scrap Summer: Week 1. Let's Get Started!

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10 hours ago, JenniferHignite said:

A little late to the party, but thought I would jump in anyway! In the next 6 weeks I plan on working on and finishing up our 2017 summer mini album. Every summer I attempt to make a mini album of the summer activities we do. Some years I do great and others not so much. This year I am using the project life app to put together pages on the go and hope to have  a nice sized mini album at the end of the summer!

Welcome Jennifer! I look forward to seeing your pages! :)

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8 hours ago, breeoxd said:

Oh wow, I didn't even know about this!I'm definitely going to jump in if there is one in Fall!

I do believe there will be one in the fall but be sure to keep checking back in! There is a Scrapaneers Facebook page where all of this is posted as well if it's easier for you to follow there!

Of course you're more than welcome to jump in where we are if you'd like some motivation and encouragement to get started! We're all here with a common goal to finish our project, have some fun and make some friends along the way! :) 


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