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Changes to the Forum Challenges

There is going to be a few changes to our challenges here in the forum. First of all we are going to have two challenges a month, one starting on the 1st of the month and ending on the 15th and one starting on the 15th and ending on the last day of the month. That will give you two opportunities to win prizes! The prizes per challenges are as follows:

  • (1) $30.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice
  • (1) $20.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice
  • (1) $10.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice

When you have won a prize you will need to contact student support and let them know which class or event you want to apply it to. You can save up your prizes to combine for a higher priced class or event. In the event that you want to use your coupon for a class that is at a lower price than your prize, the excess will be forfeited. 

Our team is really excited about the fun things that are planned for you. Since we are just getting started on our new schedule, please watch for the first September 2017 challenge on the 5th of September and then for a second challenge on the 15th. Thereafter, challenges will post on the 1st and the 15th of each month. We hope you will join in and have fun with us!

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