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Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel

Important: Our Forum & Gallery is Closed

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Hello fellow scrapbookers! It’s a new year, which means new classes are coming to Scrapaneers for 2018. But before we can dive into what’s coming up, we’ll need to discuss what’s changing right now.

We’re saying goodbye to our Community, our forum and gallery, on February 5th, 2018. 

We love our forum and gallery and have grown quite connected to it. We enjoy offering challenges, hosting mega-contests, mingling with students and providing answers to their pressing digital scrappy questions. However, we have tested and found that we’re able to better serve our members and students through private groups hosted on Facebook. Therefore, our Community will close on February 5th, 2018.

You probably have questions and we’ve done our best to address some below:

Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for classes? 
A. Nothing! You'll still have access to all of the classes in your account. And we’ll still provide the same great classes and events as before. We’ll just ask our current members and students to join us and connect with us in our private groups. You can find a listing of our private groups right here.

If you have a question related to a class that does NOT have a private group/membership, you’ll want to connect with the instructor directly via the email address in their classroom. Or contact us at Student Support and we'll be happy to provide any instructor’s email address if you need it.

Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for future challenges and contests? 
A. We will no longer host challenges or contests after January 31, 2018. We will not host the Masters of Scrap contest in the future.

Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for old conversations from previous/retired classes? What about layouts in the gallery?
You’ll want to screenshot or save any messages, threads, or images that you’d like to refer back to or keep before we close our community on February 5th, 2018. Once the community closes, gallery images and forum topics will no longer be available or accessible.

Q. What does this mean for the free articles and tutorials available on the Scrapaneers blog?
A. Nothing. We will still (and always) provide free articles and tutorials on our blog.

Q. I don't want to go on Facebook. How will I know about new classes, discounts, tutorials, videos, events, etc.?
A. No need for you to join Facebook if you don't want to! :) Sign up for the Scrapaneers Weekly Update newsletter. That's the BEST way to keep in touch with everything Scrapaneers, always. Plus, you'll get our free ebook -- Speedy Scrapbooking.

Also, be sure to sign up for email alerts for our current memberships. If you're a member, you'll find a "Get Email Alerts" button on any menu on the right side of the classroom pages.


That's it!

If you have a question regarding the closing of our community that wasn’t addressed above, please connect with us at Student Support. We’ll be happy to address your concerns directly.

That concludes the changes Scrapaneers has planned for 2018. We look forward to bringing you more great classes this year that empower, educate and inspire you and your digital scrapbooking.

Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel
Scrapaneers Owner

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